• definition – what does keyword mean?
  • java is a keyword
  • what is keyword or detail about keyword of java
  • how to rank your keyword?

Definition – What does Keyword mean?

In Java, a keyword may be a word with a predefined that means in Java programming language syntax.

Reserved for Java, keywords might not be used as identifiers for naming variables, classes, ways or alternative entities.

Java Is a keyword

It means that it is a word Which Is similar to the other word


  • Tea is also keyword
  • banana keyword
  • Keyword of Video
  • Keyword of Software

What is Keyword Or Some Detail regarding Keyword of java

Just like them all it is also Keyword of java. The Seo difficulty of java is 14%. which is very easy to rank on the first page of google and monthly searches of this keyword is 1300 which is very low. And paid Difficulty of keyword of java is 1% which is very very easy and CPC (cost per Click) of the java is $0.61 which is dissent. It means that you can get 61 cents of one click on this keyword if you rank this keyword.

Keywords are not only the way to rank on the google. Which workson the bases of the google algorithm? And there many other factors that can rank your post.


  1. DA-domain authority 
  2. PA-page authority
  3. TS-trust flow
  4. SS-spam score
  5. BK-back links
  6. Seo Friendly Interface
  7. Mobile friendly Site
  8. Page-speed
  9. Seo friendly Content

How to Rank Your Keyword?

Step 1: Study the competition

Is there a room for more? There is a need for you determine if your niche has a room for another competitor and another website. Studying your competition and your niche size is very important in order to find the right keywords. carefully examine and study your keywords before anything else. The goal is to choose keywords that have a minimal amount of competition.

Step 2: Research your keywords

The goal is to find the most pertinent keywords – pertinent to your business and your niche. In My Opinion Get Low Competition Keyword Like JAVA with High Searches 

step 3: Take time in selecting your keywords

Give some Time to choose the best Keyword for You Blog or Site. That should easy to rank and be Peasant and Give Time that will definitely rank on the Google’s First Page

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